How do I use visual conferencing?

This feature is reaching End of Life on November 20th. We encourage you to start using GoToConnect for your video conferencing needs.

You must have admin or super admin permissions.
Better manage your conference calls by visualizing all participants on a conference bridge. Hosts can access the visual dashboard directly from the admin portal or by using the custom URL for the conference bridge.
  • A participant and a host pin are required to use visual conferencing.
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 are not currently supported.
  • Visual conferencing is only supported on systems in the United States (region).
  1. Log in at

    Note: If you don't have admin access, get your visual conference URL from a system admin.

  2. Click Conference Bridges in the left sidebar.
  3. Choose the conference bridge that you want to use visual conferencing with.
  4. From Visual Conference, click Open Visual Conference.
  5. Enter your host pin.
  6. Learn your controls.

    • You can enable Show Conference Phone Numbers if you want to see the direct phone number used to access the conference bridge
    • From Conference Bridge, you can click Launch Conference from the shortcuts to the right of the conference bridge you want to open.