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Access Local Session Recordings

A representative's portal settings can be enabled by their GoToAssist Corporate internal admin for session recordings to be saved locally on the representative's and/or customer's Windows computer.

When this setting is enabled, the screen activity that occurs during their support session will be saved as a file on their computer, and can be played back using the GoToAssist Session Replay application.

If you are a company manager or the primary contact for your GoToAssist Corporate account, you can make the request to enable local session recording for your account. Please get in touch with our Customer Care Team by selecting Contact Support on this article.

Note: Saving and playing back session recordings is not supported for Mac customers.

Benefits of storing recordings locally

Saving session recordings locally allows account holders to be alleviated of data privacy concerns where session recording data cannot be stored by 3rd parties or in the U.S. due to company policy restrictions. Additionally, accounts that need the flexibility of hosting support sessions whose session recording data exceeds our maximum file size of up to 200 MB and/or those who need to access recordings past the standard 90 day storage time frame, can also benefit from allowing this data to be stored locally.

Access local recordings

By default, session recordings are saved at the end of the support session in a folder called "G2ACRecordings" within the "My Documents" or "Documents" folder of the Windows user profile (e.g., C:\Users\<username>\Documents\G2ACRecordings) on the local computer of the representative who hosted the support session and/or the customer that joined the session.

Note: Instructions for navigating to "My Documents" or "Documents" may vary depending on the version of Windows you are using.

Alternatively, a GoToAssist Corporate internal admin can configure a portal to prompt the representative and/or customer to choose a file path where they would prefer to store their local session recordings at the end of the session. This location will be remembered, but can be changed at session end.

Additionally, if the selected storage location is running low on disk space, the following will happen:

  • A message is displayed in the Chat box to inform both the representative and customer about low disk space
  • A warning prompt is displayed on the machine where the local recording is being saved. If more disk space is not freed up while in session, the support session will end to ensure the local recording is created.

If a reboot is initiated, the representative and/or customer will be prompted to save the session recording prior to reboot. When the session resumes after reboot, a new recording file is created, and the user will be prompted to save to their desired location at session end.

To enable this feature for your portal, please have your GoToAssist Corporate manager get in touch with our Customer Care team by selecting Contact Support on this article.

Download the Session Replay app

Once you have located your session recording, you must download the GoToAssist Session Replay app in order to playback the recording. The file extension (.g2a) is a proprietary session recording format that can only be played back using the GoToAssist Corporate Session Replay app.

Playback session recordings

When you have downloaded the GoToAssist Corporate Session Replay app, you can use it to play back your locally stored recordings as follows:

  1. Locate and open the GoToAssist_Corporate_ReplayApp.exe.
  2. Once opened, go to File > Open Session File...

  3. Locate and select your desired recording from the G2ACRecordings folder.
  4. Click Open.
  5. The session recording will play back within the Session Viewer window.
  6. If desired, you can export your session recording to be saved in .wmv file format.

Article last updated: 2 November, 2022