How do I update my Salesforce Classic integration?

Follow the steps below to upgrade your previously installed Jive CTI Integration to the new GoToConnect Integration

  1. Remove the Jive CTI integration:

    1. Go to Setup > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers.
    2. From the All Call Centers page, select Jive Salesforce CTI.
    3. From the Jive Salesforce CTI page, click Manager Call Center Users.
    4. Note the users who have access.
    5. Delete Jive Salesforce CTI from the All Call Centers page.

  2. Install the new GoToConnect Integration for Salesforce Classic to add the GoToConnect Salesforce CTI to your organization.
  3. Assign the GoToConnect Salesforce CTI to the users who had access to the Jive Salesforce CTI.