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How do I set up Zoho CRM Mapping?

CRM Mapping allows Unified Zoho to help direct customer’s calls to the correct person in your phone system. When a call hits the CRM Integration node in the dial plan, Unified Zoho finds the caller based on their phone number in Unified Zoho and sends the call to the Zoho contact owner. The call is then directed to the extension that is assigned to the Unified Zoho user in CRM Mapping.

  1. Sign in to PBX Administration (classic) at
  2. Click CRM Mapping in the left sidebar.
    Note: Only one administrator can be a primary user. If you are not currently the primary user, you will need to click Set me as Primary User before proceeding.
  3. Click Add Mapping.
  4. Select the desired line and the Zoho User whose calls will be directed to the extension and then click Admin Portal Checkmark Icon.
    Note: If a Zoho User does not have CRM Mapping assigned, the call will be sent to the next step in the dial plan.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other Zoho users that need mapping.
  6. Click Dial Plans in the left sidebar and then select the dial plan that requires CRM mapping.

    Result: The dial plan editor will launch in a separate window.

  7. Drag and drop the CRM Integration node in the left sidebar to the desired spot on the canvas.
  8. Drag and drop Dial Plan Next Node Icon of the previous node to the left side of the CRM Integration node, connecting the nodes to prevent dropped calls.
  9. Continue to build the call flow.
  10. Click Save.