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How do I set up Teams Connector for my organization?

    Allow users to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams using your GoTo Connect system.

    Before you begin: Watch Video
    Restriction: This is a paid integration. Contact sales at for more information.
    To set up the Teams Connector, you will need the following:
    • Your organization's Office 365 Global Admin must complete the set up process.
    • You must have super admin permissions in the admin portal.
    • Teams Connector users must have secure calling disabled.
    • Microsoft Phone System license add-ons (or E5 licenses) for users.
    • One or two spare Office 365 user licenses such as Business Essentials/Premium or E1/E3/E5, for a few hours during the initial setup. An additional user will be created automatically during set up and will be deleted once set up is completed.

    Create a Teams Connector Account

    1. Log in to the integrations dashboard at
    2. If you have access to multiple systems, click General in the left sidebar and then choose the desired PBX from the drop-down menu. Additional PBXs will need to be added manually.
    3. Click GoTo Connect Teams Connector in the left sidebar.
    4. From #1, enter the first name, last name, and email address of the user who will manage the Teams Connector account. This is usually a super admin who is also an Office 365 Global Admin.
    5. Click Send Invite.
    6. Click the link from the email or go to to open the Teams Connector dashboard. Refresh the page if it first shows "You have no permissions".
      Note: Additional admins can be added from Account > Invite Administrative User.

    Enable Microsoft Teams Sync

    1. From GoTo Connect Teams Connector in the integrations dashboard, click Open dashboard from #3 Connect with MS Teams in the dashboard.
    2. From the Teams Connector dashboard, click Services from the tool bar.
    3. From Services, click Teams.
    4. Enable the Enable Sync box and then select Enable Service.
    5. From the new windows, sign in using your Office 365 Global Admin credentials and then enable the requested permissions.

      Result: The initial sync can take up to 15 minutes to complete. Once completed, there will be a green checkmark next to Sync Now.

    6. After completing the sync, go to the integrations dashboard and then click Verify connection from #4 Verify the connection with MS Teams.

    Sync Users from Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect

    1. From GoTo Connect Teams Connector in the integrations dashboard, choose how you'd like to sync your users from #5 Sync users from MS Teams and GoTo.
      • Automatic sync process: Select if users have matching email addresses for Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect.
      • Manual sync process: Select if users do not have matching email addresses for Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect. If using the Manual sync process, download the CSV template, fill in the users' information, and then upload the file.
    2. Click Start to sync to automatically sync all Users awaiting connection.
      Option Description
      Available licenses Number of licenses available to new users.
      Total licenses Total number of licenses, both available and in use.
      New matching emails to sync Number of users whose Teams and GoTo Connect emails match (or matches based on manual sync settings).
      Missing emails to remove Number of users whose Teams and GoTo Connect emails do not match. Use the manual sync process to add these users.
      Total users after the sync Total number of Teams Connector users once sync is completed.
      Unsuccessful syncs can be diagnosed in the GoTo Connect Teams Connector portal. Please contact customer support for assistance in resolving unsuccessful syncs.
    3. Click Open dashboard from #6 Where should synced users receive their voicemails? to open the Teams Connector dashboard.
    4. Click Sync Now and then authenticate using the Office 365 Global Admin permissions.

      Result: When the registration indicator has turned green, you have successfully connected Microsoft Teams and GoTo Connect.

    What to do next: Open Microsoft Teams to verify that the Microsoft Teams Calls app has been added to your account and that the correct phone number is assigned to you.