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How do I set up and use pre-saved text messages?

Create pre-saved text messages or use publicly created messages from supervisors to increase productivity and reduce the need to re-type frequently used messages. Available for Complete only.
Before you begin: You must be set up as a user and be assigned the agent role.
  1. Sign in to our GoTo desktop/web app.
  2. From Contact Center > Agent > Overview, click the settings gear in the top right and then click Pre-saved text messages.
  3. To add a new message:
    1. Click +Add new pre-saved text message.
    2. Complete each field.
      Tip: Use shortcuts for quicker access to your messages when chatting. Use categories to easily narrow your search.
    3. Click Save when complete.
  4. To edit an existing message:
    1. Select the entry you want to edit.
      Note: You will see a complete list of all messages created by you as well as public messages created by the admin or supervisor. You can only make changes to your personal messages.
    2. Make any needed changes such as updating the shortcut, changing the categories, or editing the text.
    3. Click Save when complete.
  5. To use a message:
    1. When you are on an active chat, click the chat icon or type a shortcut directly into the text field to open your pre-saved messages.
    2. Select the message you want to use.
    3. Make any edits as needed and then press Enter to send your message.
      Note: Currently, you can only send one pre-saved message at a time. Any edits made to a pre-saved message from the text field will not permanently alter the pre-saved message itself.