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How do I customize web pops for the Google Chrome Integration?

Customize web pops with the GoTo Connect for Google Chrome integration to your needs.

  1. To enable web pops, click GoTo Connect Icon for Google Chrome to the right of the address bar and then click Google Chrome Settings Icon in the top right of the dialer.
  2. Click Extension Options.
  3. Enable Call Notifications and Caller ID search.
  4. Choose from the following options:
    Option Description
    When a call is ringing Launches the web pop once the incoming call rings.
    When answering a call Launches the web pop once you answer the call.
  5. From Search these sites, select which sites to search (by phone number) when an incoming call is received.
  6. To add sites not listed, click Add a custom template and then from the New custom template form, enter a Name and a URL to open in the Website field. You can use the following variables in the URL:
    Option Description
    ${CNAM} Searches the caller’s name (i.e., Jennifer Morton).
    ${CNUM(dashes)} Searches the caller’s number with dashes (i.e., 877-867-5309).
    ${CNUM(e164)} Searches the caller’s number in the 164 international formats (i.e., 18778675309).
    ${CNUM} Searches the caller’s number without dashes (i.e., 8778675309).
    1. Click Add Template to save the custom search template.