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As a user, what may change if I transfer to a different account?

As a user, you may have existing license with existing products assigned (e.g., GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, GoTo Training, or OpenVoice) when an account admin invites you to join a different account. Since you cannot hold the same product in different accounts, you can choose to stay in the existing account or move your license to the new account.

What automatically moves with me to the new account?

If you choose to transfer your license to the new account, the following will be moved over:

  • Session history
  • Upcoming scheduled sessions
  • Recordings
    Note: OpenVoice recordings are not automatically moved to the new account. After you have accepted the invitation to transfer your license to the new account, request a transfer of your OpenVoice recordings by navigating to this article and selecting Contact Support.

Your session history, upcoming scheduled sessions, and recordings are owned by your license that is associated with your email address. Once you transfer your license to a new account, please be aware that the admins for your new account will be able to view your session history (including attendee information), and your upcoming scheduled sessions. However, admins will not have access to download and/or view your recordings (from either your previous account or the new account) because recordings are only available to the organizer who hosted the recorded sessions.

Additionally, after the transfer is complete, you can choose to update your email address associated with your user profile (if needed).
Note: Accounts that are enabled with enforced Enterprise Sign-In (single sign-on) are limited in the changes they can make to their account email address. Learn more.

Will I still have access to the same features and settings as before?

Audio settings and product features are determined by the product plan tiers enabled for your license (e.g., GoTo Meeting Pro vs. Starter plans) and the feature settings your admin has enabled for you. When transferring your license, the new account you are joining may not have the same product features and/or settings available.


  1. You have scheduled sessions that include toll-free numbers in Account A.
  2. You transfer to Account B (which includes moving over those scheduled sessions).
  3. Account B does not have toll-free number options included in their product plan tier.

Result: Upcoming sessions that are no longer entitled to toll-free numbers will default to the other audio options or, if none, to VoIP. Toll-free numbers listed in the session invitation will be no longer valid.

For this reason, we highly recommended that you review all upcoming session invitation information (for those sessions that have been transferred to the new account) for accuracy and feature availability.

If you have any questions the features and/or settings available for your new account, please contact your new account admin.

I have co-organizers for my sessions, what changes can I expect?

Co-organizers for GoTo Meeting and/or GoTo Training sessions must exist in the same account as the scheduling organizer. When transferring to a new account, co-organizers that do not exist in the same account will no longer have access to participate in those scheduled sessions which have been transferred over. Additionally, sessions for which you are a co-organizer will no longer be available to you if the scheduling organizer is in a different account.

There are three types of co-organizers for GoTo Webinar, and their continued access to upcoming scheduled webinar sessions that transferred over will be dependent on the type of co-organizer they are:
Co-Organizer Type Must be part of the same account as the scheduling organizer?
Full Yes, if you want to allow them to start the webinar and/or edit webinar details
Host-only Yes, if you want them to start the webinar
In-session No, as they are promoted after the session has started

I have a license with OpenVoice, what changes can I expect?

If you are transferring your OpenVoice license to a new account, you will be issued a new Conference ID and PIN number. These will be issued via a separate email notification.

I have a license with GoToConnect, what changes can I expect?

If you are transferring your GoToConnect license to a new account – and will be using the GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, and/or GoTo Training products – please be aware that you will no longer be able to make phone calls from your account. Additionally, your overall meeting experience will be different as you will be using the web browser-based version (learn more), and the GoTo Meeting Hub for scheduling and hosting (either instantly or scheduled) sessions going forward.

Please note that if you choose to transfer your license to the new account, the following will be moved over:

  • Session history
  • Upcoming scheduled sessions
  • Recordings

What happens if I decline the invitation?

If you received an invitation to transfer your license to another account and select Decline, no changes will be made to your current role and/or products on your user profile, and you will remain listed within your original account. However, you will be listed as a "Suspended" user within the inviting admin's account, which the account admin can choose to resend the invitation or delete you from being listed within their account (which will not have any effect on your original account).