Manually Add Users to Your Account

Manually Add Users to Your Account

Most account admins add users via the Admin Center, either individually or by uploading a list for a batch import of users.

Alternatively, for admins managing an organization with a high number of users and/or user turnover, we recommend using automated provisioning instead.

Need to add Organization users? Please see Manage Organization Users.

Manually add users

Before you begin: If you are adding a large number of users, we recommend that you first create user groups, settings templates, and Welcome email templates before proceeding with the instructions below.
  1. Log in to the Admin Center at
  2. Select Add Users in the left navigation.
  3. Enter the user's name and email address. If desired, click Add Another User and repeat. Alternatively, you can add multiple users by pasting your list of users in the following format:
    Example: firstName lastName emailName@domain.extension;firstName...

    Note:  A user’s first name and last name cannot exceed 32 characters. An email address cannot exceed 128 characters.

  4. Select your desired product(s) for your user(s).
  5. Select the user's role (or leave unchecked for user-only with no privileges):
    • Administrator – has full account admin privileges
    • Manager – has select account admin privileges
  6. Under User Details, select the following options for your user(s):
    • Primary language

    Note:  An active user can change their own default language settings at any time.

    • User group
    • Settings template
  7. Click Save.
    A new Welcome email invitation is sent to your newly added user, which contains a link that will allow the user to create their password and sign in to their account.