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How do I change my billing address or company information?

Keep your billing address and other company information up-to-date for a seamless experience.

If your billing portal looks like this:

Before you begin: You must be a billing admin to access the billing portal.
Currently, we do not allow for any tax exemption.
  1. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
  2. From the top navigation menu of your admin portal, select App Switcher Icon, and then select Billing to launch your associated billing portal in a new tab.

    Troubleshooting: If you do not have this option, go to the My Account page at and select Go to Billing to access your designated Billing Center.

  3. From Edit Account Information, make any needed changes. The system will automatically validate the address entered and suggest a standardized version.
  4. Select Save.

If your billing portal looks like this:

  1. To request a change to your current billing address or company name, download this form.
  2. Once you have filled out the form, email the completed document to
What to do next: Our team will reach out to you if they have any questions or to confirm when the change has been made.