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Why didn't I get my "Reset Password" email for my account?

Possible reasons why you cannot locate the email to reset your GoTo Webinar account password and what to do next.

Did you try resetting your account password, but never received the "Reset Your Password" email? There are a few things that may have caused this.

Possible reason What to do next
You might not have an account.

If you never signed up for a free trial or a paid account, then you do not have an email address registered with GoTo and you do not have a password to reset.

If you were invited to join as an attendee for a GoTo Connect, GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, GoTo Training, or OpenVoice conference session, then you are not required to have an account to join. And since you don't need an account, then you don't need to reset your password!

You may have overlooked the password reset email. Search for an email from which contains instructions to reset your password.
The email might be in your spam folder or has been blocked.
  • Check the "Spam" folder in your email inbox.
  • Contact your company's IT admin and ask them to allow our domain names so that these emails are not automatically blocked by a security firewall.
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You might have entered your email address incorrectly. When you enter an email address on the Reset Password page at, the confirmation page is displayed regardless of whether you entered the right email address or not. To protect your account's security, we cannot confirm whether or not the email address you entered is registered with our system.
  • Try using another email address that the account might have been created under.
  • Contact your admin to confirm the email address associated with your account.

Still need help?

Select Contact Support in this article to have us help you identify which email address is actually associated with your account.

Article last updated: 27 June, 2023