Why can I hear audio but not see the presentation?

Are you hearing the audio from the session but not seeing anything yet? There are a few possibilities for what might be happening.

The Viewer window might be minimized or hidden (desktop app).

If you are using the desktop app, then the GoToWebinar Viewer window might be hidden behind another application running on your computer or it might be minimized. Check the task bar (Windows) or dock (Mac) for the Daisy icon, then click it to bring the GoToWebinar desktop application to the forefront of your screen.

You might have the wrong tab selected (if joined via Instant Join app).

If you are using the Instant Join app, then your session takes place entirely within your web browser. This means it's possible that you are looking at the wrong browser tab. Check the tabs that are open (and be sure to check for other browser windows), and click the one that says "GoToWebinar" and shows the red "audio live" icon .

There may not be any screens being shared yet.

When there is no one sharing their screen, the Waiting Room is displayed and you'll see the message "Waiting to view < Presenter>'s screen". If you see this screen, then everything is in order! Once someone starts sharing their screen, you will see it in this window. In the meantime, you should still be able to hear the audio conference and chat with others.

The Viewer may be behind the "Let's get started" join screen.

The GoToWebinar Viewer may be hiding behind the "Let's get started" browser page. Once connected to the session, close the browser and/or open the running GoToWebinar desktop app in the task bar.