Who is the billing contact for my account?

The billing contact (i.e., billing admin) has special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the payment and billing information, and manage other account settings.

Who is the billing admin?

Admins that can log in to the Admin Center at can click Add Licenses in the left menu, and will either be taken to the Billing Center (if they are the billing contact), or a message will be displayed indicating that they are not the billing contact, and will list the name and email address of the account's billing contact.

Add License in Admin Center

Need to change the billing contact?

If needed, account admins can contact a LogMeIn representative to have the billing contact changed for the account. Learn more.

Think you're the billing contact? 

Log in to the My Account page at to check your access. If you are the billing contact for your account, click the Go to Billing link near the bottom of the page, and 1 of the following scenarios will occur, based on your LogMeIn account type and billing role:

  • You are redirected to your account's Subscriptions page – This means you are the billing contact for your online account. Learn more.

Subscriptions in the Billing Center

  • You are prompted to email the billing contact – If you encounter a message, "Contact your billing admin (name, email address) to make product or licensing changes to your account" it means you are not the billing contact for your account, but you can click Email the billing admin to contact them directly.

Contact the Billing Admin

  • You are redirected to the Corporate Billing Portal and can successfully log in – This means you are a billing contact for your "corporate" GoToWebinar account. Learn more.

  • You are redirected to the Corporate Billing Portal and are unable to log in – This means one of the following is true:
    • You are not a billing contact for your "corporate" account.
    • You are a billing contact for your "corporate" account, but have attempted to log in with the wrong User ID and/or password. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password?, enter the User ID for your billing contact account (located on an emailed invoice), then click Submit to receive a password reset link at your billing contact email address.

      Note: The User ID for a billing contact account can be in either "user name" or "email" address format.

Alternatively, the billing contact can contact Customer Care by scrolling to the bottom of this article and selecting a contact option for further assistance.

Corporate Billing Portal login


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