How do I change my payment method for GoToWebinar?

The billing contact for your account can update the billing information at any time (even in the middle of a billing cycle).

Note: Some billing contacts sign in to the Billing Center at to manage their GoToWebinar billing info themselves. However, other billing contacts for larger accounts (referred to as "corporate" accounts) typically work with their dedicated LogMeIn representative (or by contacting Corporate Account Services) to manage their account on a different self-service site called the Corporate Billing Portal at
  1. Sign in to the Billing Center at
  2. Click Payment Method at the top of the page.
  3. Click the edit hyperlink in the right navigation of your existing payment method. If applicable, enter your VAT Number and click Apply.
  4. Fill in all required fields, then click Update Payment Method to save your changes.

    Edit payment method in the Billing Center