Share a Video

Video Sharing allows organizers to prepare up to 5 videos that they wish to share during a webinar ahead of time (.MP4 files or YouTube links only). Then during the webinar, the organizer or the current presenter can select and play those videos directly from the Control Panel while in session. Note that only .MP4 files will be captured in online recordings, and linked YouTube videos will be cut from the final recording.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.

Upload videos to webinars (organizers only)

The scheduling organizer can add high-quality .MP4 files or Youtube links to their webinars to share and play during the live session. Organizers can add up to 5 videos with a size limit of 4GB per video. For best results, videos should be at least of 720p resolution.

Note: Adding videos through webinars created via API is a known bug. This issue will be resolved soon.
  1. Log in at
  2. Schedule a new webinar event or open an existing one.
  3. Open the "Engage Your Attendees" section and click + Videos.
  4. Drag and drop .MP4 files or add YouTube links by clicking + YouTube link. You'll be prompted to add the link as well as the video title. Click Save once all videos are uploaded..
  5. Uploaded videos will be displayed at the bottom, where organizers can rename them by clicking the Title field or delete by clicking the Trash icon.

Play videos during a webinar (presenter)

Organizers or presenters using the Windows or Mac desktop app can play previously uploaded videos during the webinar with just a couple clicks. Note that only the current presenter will be able to start playing a video, and only they will see the playback controls (play, pause and stop).
Note:  Once the video is done playing, the Viewer will remain open with the last video frame shown until organizers close out of the Viewer.
  1. In the Sharing pane, click the drop-down menu under "Show".
  2. In the drop-down menu, the previously uploaded videos will be shown alongside the other screen sharing options. The presenter can select the desired video under Uploaded Videos.
  3. The selected video will open in the Viewer window. From there, the presenter can play and pause the video playback using the Play and Pause icons.

View videos during a webinar (attendees)

Video Sharing provides a seamless experience for attendees, who don't need to do anything special to watch the video playback. When a presenter is sharing their screen, attendees see the shared screen displayed within their GoToWebinar Viewer window. So when the presenter selects a video to share instead of a screen or application, the video stream replaces that shared screen and is played within that same Viewer window. Attendees joining via the Instant Join app and mobile apps will be able to watch videos.
  • Only the presenter playing the video has access to the playback controls and has the ability to start, pause or stop the video feed for all attendees (i.e., they do not have the ability to stop and start the video at their own discretion).
  • When a presenter shares a video, the video's audio feed will only be played through Computer audio (mic and speakers). This means that any attendees who have dialed into the audio conference using Phone audio will hear the video play through their computer or device's speakers rather than over the telephone.
  • If an attendee is not hearing the audio properly (whether they are connected via Computer or Phone audio), they should check the volume on their computer's speakers and/or check their device output. It's possible that the audio is playing through a different output (like a USB headset that is plugged in).
  • Once the video is done playing, the Viewer will remain open with the last video frame shown until organizers close out of the Viewer. Previously shared webcams will be disabled and replaced with the video once sharing begins.