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I forgot my account password, how do I reset it?

Remembering all of your passwords is tricky. Luckily, resetting your account password is easy!

Tip: Are you trying to host or join a webinar that is password protected? View What is the webinar password? for more information.
If you can't remember your password, you must reset it using the following steps.. To safeguard your account's security, we cannot reset your password on your behalf.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your sign-in email address and select Reset Password.
  3. Check your inbox.
  4. Select the link inside the Reset Password email to create a new password.

    Troubleshooting: If you didn't get the password reset email, view Why didn't I get my "Reset Password" email? for more information.

Article last updated: 7 June, 2023