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Schedule a Virtual Event

Schedule a virtual event to plan a one- or multi-day event with multiple webinar sessions.
Virtual Events can currently only be scheduled as a Webcast-type webinar.
  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Select Virtual Event then enter your event details (date and time).
  4. Select Schedule.
  5. Customize the event.
    • Create Event – Update event dates and times, add organizers and their bios, change auto-record setting.
    • Registration – Update event description, edit attendee registration questions, add event image.
    • Panelists – Add panelists and speakers and their details to your virtual event.
    • Agenda & SessionsAdd live and recorded sessions to your virtual event.
    • Emails – Customize the reply-to emails and confirmation and follow-up emails.
  6. Select Preview to see what attendees will see when they register.
    Schedule a Virtual Event
Results: Your virtual event is all set. Share the event using the registration URL.