Delete Handouts during Webinars

Organizers can increase the attendee engagement for the webinar event by sharing handouts during your webinars. Handouts are images, copies of presentations, content marketing assets, or Microsoft Office files that are made available in the Control Panel during the session, which attendees can then download onto their own devices. You should not upload confidential information to handouts as all files will be publicly available until the webinar is complete. If you do not host marketing webinars and would prefer having the Handouts feature disabled for your account, please reach out to your account admin. See Share Handouts during Webinars to upload handouts to a webinar.

Delete handouts before a session

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. On the Manage Webinar page, click Edit next to "Handouts" (under "Engage your attendees").
  3. In the list of added handouts, locate the desired one and click the Trash icon to delete from the webinar.

Delete handouts during a session

  1. During an active session, expand the Handouts pane.
  2. Click the Trash icon to delete a handout from the webinar.