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Can I include audio in my session recording?

If you use online recording and are using built-in audio (i.e., computer audio or phone audio), then the audio conference is automatically be included. If you use online recording and are using your own audio conference information, then audio is not included in the recording.

If you use local recording (which saves your recordings as files on your computer), then the Recording Preferences will determine if and how audio is included in session recordings. The following options are available:

  • Don't record audio: Recordings will only include the Presenter's shared screen.
  • Use GoToMeeting integrated audio: Recordings will include the voice of everyone who connected to audio via mic and speakers (VoIP) or dialed in via phone (PSTN).
  • Use your own audio service: Uses a microphone to record the organizer's voice, while a phone patch device will record everyone else who speaks (requires a physical input device).