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As an admin, what can I do if a user doesn't take action on the invitation?

If you invited a user to join your account but they don't take action, you can either resend the invitation, remove the product from their profile, or delete them (which will allow you to recover the license).

Users that have not taken action on the invitation will be listed in the Manage Users page as "Invite sent (# of times invitation was sent)". If account admins do not want to resend the invitation or delete them, contact the user to take action on the Welcome email.

Resend an invitation to a user

Admins can resend the Welcome email to the user to re-invite them to account. In this case, the user will receive a new email, and the first invitation link will expire.

Remove the product from the user's profile

Admins can open the user's User Details page and remove the product. In this case, they will be listed as "Suspended" in the Manage Users page.

Delete the user

Admins can delete the user which will free up the license. This allows account admins to recover the license in the case that the user cannot be reached.