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As an admin, can I change a user's account password?

Admins do not have the ability to manually reset or change a user's account password within the GoTo Admin Center (classic).

Account password changes must occur by logging in to the user's My Account profile at and changing within Sign In & Security in the navigation menu.

What if the user forgot their account password?

If the user does not remember their current password, they can request a password reset and follow the steps to change their account password. Please note that it is required that they verify their login when resetting the account password to ensure the safety and security of the account.

What if the user is no longer with the company?

If the user listed on your account is no longer with the company, and you want to keep the account history but cannot log in to the user's account, select Contact Support in this article for further assistance.

What if the user's account is enabled to use Enterprise Sign-In (single sign-on)?

Some user accounts are enabled to use single sign-on, which allows them to log in using their company credentials to access their GoTo products. For these accounts, user account password changes must occur at the company's Identity Provider level. For further assistance, please contact your company administrator.