What is the Instant Join app?

    The Instant Join app is a browser-based version of GoToTraining that can be run entirely on the web. It does not require any downloads which is beneficial for users who are having trouble installing the desktop app or are in locked-down environments.

    The method you use to join a session depends on your operating system, browser type, and your organizer settings. Use the feature comparison table to decide which join method is best for you. Make sure you are running a supported system before joining.
    Table 1. Feature Comparison Chart
      Session features Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (new experience) Google Chrome (classic experience) Mozilla Firefox (classic experience)
    Join/host Join a session
    Host a session
    Be promoted to co-organizer
    Audio Connect via mic and speakers (VoIP) ✓ (if enabled by organizer) ✓ (if enabled by organizer)
    Connect via telephone (PSTN) ✓ (if enabled by organizer) ✓ (if enabled by organizer) ✓ (if enabled by organizer)
    Be muted upon joining
    Screen and content sharing Share your screen
    Share multiple screens
    Share screen in "clean" mode
    Share a video
    Cameras Share your camera
    Hide cameras
    Change your background
    In-session features Join breakouts
    Chat with others ✓ (if enabled by organizer) ✓ (if enabled by organizer) ✓ (if enabled by organizer)
    Take keyboard and mouse control
    Use drawing tools
    Raise your hand
    Download materials
    Take polls
    Take tests
    Note: Attendees are launched in the new experience only if the organizer has enabled it.