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Step #8: Provision Users with GoTo Products

Once the LogMeIn parent app is configured with all of the roles needed, you can assign the product-specific role to each of your users to provision the designated GoTo product (e.g., assign the GoTo_GoToMeeting role to each user to provision their account with GoToMeeting).

The steps below are performed in the OneLogin admin portal.
  1. In the top toolbar, select Users > Roles.
  2. Select your desired role (e.g., GoTo_GoToMeeting).
  3. Select Users in the left navigation.
  4. Search for and select your desired user, then select Check.
  5. Select the Add to Role hyperlink.

    Result: The user you have added will now be provisioned with the associated Quicklink (child) app's GoTo product (e.g., the GoTo_GoToMeeting role, assigned to the GoToMeeting Quicklink app, will now assign the GoTo Meeting product to the selected user).

  6. Repeat Steps #3 – 5 (above) to assign each of your desired users to your selected role (associated with its configured Quicklink app), which will provision GoTo products to the appropriate users.
Results: Setup is complete! You have successfully configured and now use automated provisioning for GoTo using OneLogin.