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Step #6: Create and Configure Quicklink Apps

Once your rules have been created and User Sync is enabled, you will need to return to the OneLogin portal to create Quicklink apps to enable single sign-on for each of the GoTo products for which you will be provisioning.

Remember: You will use the same single sign-on URL (copied from the GoTo parent app) and apply it to each of the Quicklink (child) apps.
The steps below are performed in the OneLogin admin portal.
Tip: Open a text editor application for easy copy/pasting.

    Copy the single sign-on URL from the GoTo parent app.

    1. In the top toolbar, go to Applications > Applications.
    2. Search for and select the GoTo parent app.
    3. Select the SSO tab in the left navigation.
    4. Locate the "SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)" field, then copy the value and paste it into a text editor application.
      Remember: This value will be used in later steps.
      Copy SAML Endpoint URL on SSO tab

    Add your first Quicklink (child) app for a GoTo product.

    1. In the top toolbar, select Applications > Applications.
    2. Select Add App in the upper-right navigation.
    3. Search for and select the LogMeIn Quicklink app.
    4. From the Info tab, for the Display Name, enter your GoTo product name (e.g., GoToMeeting).
    5. Optional: If desired, you can upload the GoTo product-specific logo.
    6. Select Configuration in the left navigation.
    7. Use the drop-down menu and select the GoTo product name that matches the Quicklink app name from Step #8 (above).
    8. In the "URL" field, paste the SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP) URL you copied from Step #4 (above).
    9. Select Save in the upper-right navigation.
    10. Repeat Steps #6 – 13 (above) for each of the GoTo product apps you will provision.
Results: You have added Quicklink (child) apps for your desired GoTo product apps, and configured each to support single sign-on.