How do I start an activity? (Classic)

    Organizers can start an activity at any point during a training. During an activity, you can have your attendees collaborate in real time on a shared Google Doc (or file sharing service of your choice), watch a video, view an uploaded material – all while you monitor their progress and provide guidance.
    You can even split your attendees into smaller groups (called "breakouts") for separate discussions or activities. View our Activities & Breakouts user guide here. Watch Video
    1. In the Activity pane of your Control Panel, click Choose an Activity. The Activity Center page will automatically open in a new browser window.
    2. Using the Activity Center page, set up your activity.

      • Select the number of breakouts — If you want to split your attendees up into smaller groups for the breakout (maximum of 6), you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select the number of breakouts. If you want all of your attendees to participate in the activity as one big group, simply leave the default "Everyone" option selected.
      • Arrange your attendees: If you choose to use 2 or more breakouts for the activity, you can choose which attendees go into which group (they are randomly sorted into breakouts). Simply click an attendee's name, then drag and drop them into the desired breakout group. Note that if you launch another activity during the same session, your attendees will remain in the same groups.
      • Select your activity type: Pick which type of activity you want to launch for your attendees. Note that you can switch activities at any time. If you select Edit a document together, don't forget to select which file to collaborate on. If you select Share a video, image or PDF, don't forget to select which material to display.

    3. When you're ready to start the activity, click Start. Attendees will be launched into the activity in different ways, depending on their operating system.

      Note:  It's a good idea to warn your attendees to pay attention and enable any pop-up blockers that they see in the browser window that is launching the activity. Also let them know that you will be briefly out of communications while the activity is launched.