How do I set up my Google Drive for activities? (Classic)

    One of the most popular activities GoToTraining offers is the ability for attendees to collaborate on a Google Drive file. This allows all attendees to view and make edits in a shared file hosted in the cloud via Google Drive (such as Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Slide, or Google Drawing).

    Note: We have a new GoTo app! This article covers the classic GoToTraining experience. View How do I set up and share Google Drive files? for the new GoTo.
    See Learn about Activities and Breakouts for more information.
    Note: As the organizer, you must have a free Google account set up in order to use this feature (attendees do not need an account for either GoToTraining or Google). Once you've signed in to your Google account, you may need to refresh the Activity Control page to see the changes in the right navigation.

    Access final Google Drive files after the activity

    Each time organizers launch an "Edit a document together" activity during a training, you will see a new folder created in your Google Drive under GoToTraining > Trainingslabeled with the date the training was held. All Google Drive files that are worked on during the activity will then be saved in that folder! You can click each file to open it.

    Share final Google Drive files after the activity

    If you'd would like to review the completed files once back in the main session, simply open the file and share your screen with attendees! All items will be listed after the activity is over (click to open), or you can access the file in Google Drive.

    If you would like your students to be able to access the Google Drive files that were worked on for future reference, you can share them directly via Google Drive. See How to Share on the Google Support Site for more information.

    Set Up Google Drive Files to Use in Activities

    Organizers can complete this process before or during the session, but it is highly recommended that it is set up before the training. To do so, simply launch an instant session and complete the setup. Your files will be ready to go when you start your actual training! You can complete this process either before or during your session!
    1. Start a new training and click Choose an Activity in the Activity pane.
    2. Under "Edit a doc together," click Sign in with Google. When prompted to grant GoToTraining access to your Google account, click Allow.
    3. Under "Edit a doc together," click Add new. This will redirect you to your Google Drive account, where a new GoToTraining folder will be automatically created. Any files that you add to this folder will then be listed on your Activity Center page, and all files that are worked on will be saved to a Trainings sub-folder.
    4. You're nearly done! Remember than any files that you add to the GoToTraining folder will automatically appear on your Activity Center page – simply open the GoToTraining folder and add a new file.