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How do I download GoTo Training?

    When organizers start a session, they will be prompted to open the session in the desktop app or browser. If you choose the desktop app, the software will automatically begin to download. Attendees will join from the desktop app or browser depending on their operating system and organizer settings.

    Before you download the desktop or mobile app, check out the system requirements for organizers (and attendees as desired).

    Download Desktop App

    Windows and Mac users can download and install the GoTo desktop app to host and join sessions from their computers.
    Attention: The download link is not a live test session. Once you see the Camera preview screen, you can set up your audio and camera preferences and then close out of the window. The next time you join a session, the app will remember your preferences.

    Download Mobile App

    Mobile users can install the GoTo mobile app for free on their iOS or Android device.

    Update App

    The GoTo app can update itself automatically and restart while you're away from your device. Allowing the app to make changes to your device, such as automatic updates, ensures that you are on the newest version of the app and that our team can resolve any unforeseen security issues in the app quickly. If you are prompted with a User Account Control window, it's because of the automatic updates.