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GoTo Training & PayPal FAQs

The GoTo Training® RevStream™ feature enables payment processing through integration with PayPal™ services. Once the integration is set up, trainers can charge for their training sessions and manage payments through GoTo Training. This functionality will help streamline the administration process while increasing training revenue.

What payment processing features does GoTo Training provide?

GoTo Training lets you set a price for your session, accept payment in multiple currencies, receive payments to your PayPal account and manage partial and full refunds if you need to cancel someone's registration.

Does my company need to have a PayPal account for me to process online payments?

Yes, you or your company must have a confirmed and verified PayPal account to take advantage of this feature. We recommend using a business or premier PayPal account so your customers won't need to have PayPal accounts to pay you. You can learn more about the different types of PayPal accounts on the PayPal website.

Do my customers need to have PayPal accounts? What payment methods are accepted?

If you have a business or premier PayPal account, your customers can pay online using major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or via PayPal.

If you have a personal PayPal account, they can only pay online via PayPal. If you want to accept other methods of payment, such as cash, checks or purchase orders, you can process those payments separately and then manually mark those registrants as "paid" and the system will register them for the session.

Are there additional fees?

Service charges will be applied as the feature is used. In addition to standard PayPal transaction fees*, GoTo will charge a convenience fee of 1.9% of each registrant's fee, with a cap at $9.95 per registrant, or at the cap set for the currency you've selected (see below). All fees will be deducted automatically from your PayPal account at the time of transaction.

GoTo fee = 1.9% of registration, up to these fee caps per registrant:

Currency Fee cap per registrant
U.S. Dollars $9.95
Canadian Dollars $ 9.95
Australian Dollars $12.95
New Zealand Dollars $14.95
British Pounds £5.95
Euros €7.95

*The typical PayPal rates are 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction, unless otherwise agreed upon with PayPal. Please see PayPal's fee policy.

How do I set up payment processing through GoTo Training?

If you are part of a multi-user account, you'll need to ask your organization's account administrator to set it up for you.
  • Set up a PayPal account. If you don't already have one, we recommend that you use a premier or business PayPal account.
  • Confirm your PayPal account. When you initially create your PayPal account, you will receive an email to activate and confirm your account. Make sure you follow the steps to confirm your account so you can accept payments from other people.
  • Verify your PayPal account. The PayPal verification process varies by country or region, but in the U.S., one way to become verified is to link and verify your bank account or card to your PayPal account. If your PayPal account isn't verified, log in to your PayPal account, click Get Verified in the Status field below your name and follow the instructions provided.
  • Set up payment processing in your GoTo Training account. Log in to your account, click My Trainings then Settings. Go to the Payments section and follow the instructions.

Can I link my GoTo Training account to more than one PayPal account?

No, each GoTo Training account can only be linked to a single PayPal account at this time. Even if you have multiple organizers using your GoTo Training account, all funds collected will go to the same PayPal account. Any disbursements to different people or departments in your organization will need to be managed by you through PayPal or your finance department.

What if I need to change which PayPal account is linked to my GoTo Training account?

You can link your GoTo Training account to a different PayPal account at any time. Just remove the original link and set up a new one in the Payments section on the GoTo Training Settings page. However, once a change has been made, the GoTo Training system will not be able to perform refunds for registrations processed through the former PayPal account.

How do my registrants pay for a training through GoTo Training?

Payment processing has been integrated seamlessly into the GoTo Training registration process. Once your registrants have completed their initial registration details, they are taken to a page where they are shown their payment options, including paying with a major credit card, via PayPal or through whatever alternate methods you may have indicated (check, invoice, etc.).

Can my registrants pay in multiple currencies?

Yes. When you set up your training, you can specify one of the currencies below as the currency you would like to be paid in. That is the currency that will be shown on your registration page. If a registrant pays in another currency, PayPal (which supports multiple currencies) will convert it to your chosen currency. PayPal charges a receiving fee for this service.

Currencies supported by GoTo Training:
  • Australian Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Euros
  • New Zealand Dollars
  • U.S. Dollars

Most other currencies can be converted by PayPal into your chosen currency.

What if I want to waive the fee for a registrant?

If you want to waive the fee for a registrant, you can manually mark them as "paid" and the system will register them for the session. You can also set up custom discount codes in your Settings > Payment section and give those discount codes out as desired.

If I cancel a registration, will I be able to issue a refund?

A full or partial refund can be issued through the GoTo Training service up to 60 days from the initial transaction; after that, you will need to issue the refund another way, such as by check or the "Send Money" function PayPal offers. Refunds can also be managed directly through your PayPal account.

If the refund occurs within the required 60-day period from the initial transaction, GoTo and PayPal service fees will be refunded to your PayPal account, regardless if the refund is issued through GoTo Training or PayPal. If a partial refund is given, GoTo and PayPal fees will be prorated.

Are there times when I won't be able to issue a refund?

The following are instances when a refund cannot be issued through the GoTo Training service:
  • Payment was not processed through GoTo Training service. Instead, payment was received through an alternate payment option and registrant was manually marked as "paid" in GoTo Training. For example, you received a check or money order.
  • Initial registration date was more than 60 days from the refund date.
  • Payment is pending for a registrant.
  • Payment was originally received by a different PayPal account that is not currently linked to your GoTo Training account.
  • If manual approval is on, registrant is waiting approval and has not yet paid for the training.

Getting Started

Learn how to start charging for trainings. If you're an administrator on a corporate account, adjust your company's account Settings to begin charging for your GoTo Training sessions.