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How do I switch to the classic training experience?

    If you want to continue using breakout rooms (or other components of the GoTo Training Activities pane) or want your attendees to be able to join from their browser, you need to use the new GoTo app experience.

    The following features are no longer supported on the classic GoTo Training experience, which is why we're encouraging you to stay on the new GoTo app experience.
    • Breakout rooms – The current desktop app is no longer compatible with breakout rooms.
    • Activities – You cannot share materials with attendees.
    • In-session browser experience – Attendees cannot join from their browser.

    If you would like to switch back to the classic experience you can do so in your settings.

    1. Sign in to your account at
    2. Select Settings in the left menu.
    3. Select the Join Options tab.
    4. Enable the Use the classic GoToTraining setting and select Save.