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How do I share OneDrive documents during a training?

Organizers can share documents hosted in any file hosting service (e.g., OneDrive, Dropbox) if Google Drive is not the preferred choice.

  1. Create the file(s) you want to collaborate on in your desired hosting service (e.g., OneDrive, Dropbox). If you plan on using breakout rooms, create a file for each group with a name you'll remember (for example, if you have 3 breakout rooms, create 3 OneDrive documents named "Group A", "Group B", and "Group C).
    Important: Make sure you have allowed editing access on all files so attendees can make changes to them.
  2. Upload these file(s) to your Materials (by link) before the training or during.
    Important: Make sure you allow access to materials during the training.
  3. Once in the training, have attendees open the material that applies to them.
  4. If you plan on using breakout rooms, select Peopleand then Create breakout rooms.
    Tip: Verbally assign one presenter in each group to share their screen.
  5. Start collaborating in real time.