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Add users to the Organization Center

    These users will be involved with Enterprise Sign-In (SSO), depending on the role you specify.

    Users are defined by name, email, locale, and role. The filter option above the Role column allows you to search for any text string in the emails or names of users.
    1. Sign in to the GoTo Organization Center at
    2. Select the Users tab.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Enter the new user data:
      • The user email domain must be one of your verified organization domains.
      • Available locales display in a drop-down.
      • Role relates to the Organization Center. No role is appropriate for most users: they have no access to the Organization Center. A read-only role allows a user into the Center with full access to view the data, but with no ability to create or edit data. Read-write access enables full admin access to the Center.
    5. Click Save when finished.
      Note:  Organization Admins can edit their own first name, last name, and email, but not their role, and they cannot delete themselves.