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Quote Review and Acceptance

Review and accept/reject electronic quotes in GoTo Admin.

Before you begin: You will need to have a received an email with an electronic quote. There will be an link in the email to access the steps listed in this article.
  1. Select the link in the quote email.

    Result: You will be directed to GoTo Admin.

  2. Sign in to GoTo Admin.
    User type How-to
    First time user: You will need to set up your password and then you will be automatically signed into GoTo Admin and directed to the Quotes section.
    Existing user: Sign in to GoTo Admin. If you are not automatically directed to the Quotes section, select Billing > Quotes.
  3. Select Reject to reject the quote or Check out to accept.
    View of quotes page

    Result: If you have rejected the quote, you are done with the process. If you have accepted the quote, continue with the following steps.

  4. Verify your billing address is correct. If it is not correct, select Edit Icon, make changes as needed, and save.
    Review billing address view
  5. Verify or add your shipping address if you have ordered physical hardware.
  6. Verify or add your payment details and save.
    Add payment details view
  7. Select Next: Review order.
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the order.
Article last updated: 24 January, 2023