How do I view/download my invoices?

    View or download previous invoices as needed for your own records from the Billing Self Service Portal or from within GoTo Admin.
    You must be a billing admin to access the billing portal.

    GoTo Admin

    1. If you are not already, sign in to your admin portal.
    2. Select Settings > Account > Billing, and then choose the Paid invoices tab.

      Result: All paid invoices will be displayed.

    3. To download an invoice, select Download icon Download.

      Result: The invoice will display in a new browser tab.

    4. Select Download icon from the top-right navigation bar to download the invoice.

    Billing Self Service Portal

    1. Sign in at

      Tip: You can also access your billing portal by selecting App Switcher Icon on the top navigation bar, and then choose Billing.

    2. From Invoice History, select the invoice you want to view.
    3. Optional: Select the icon in the download column next to the invoice you want to save. It will download an invoice acknowledgement.
    If you are in need of an original invoice, please reach out to our Sales team.