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How to Rerun a Remote Execution Job

    You can rerun an automated script that has already been run earlier.

    1. On the Remote Execution page, click the name of a job that you want to rerun.
    2. Select the computers on which you want to rerun your job. You can also make your selection based on result groups, such as successful or cancelled jobs.
    3. Click Edit and rerun.

      Result: On the Create job page, the platform is pre-selected based on the previous run.

    4. Double-check that the job is set up properly and make any changes necessary.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Select the computers where you want to rerun your job.
    7. Optional: Click Next and name your new job.
    8. Run your job.
      Note: If the original job contained an uploaded file, it is also included in the rerun.
    Article last updated: 21 July, 2022