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How do I View the History of Zero Trust Keys?

Admins can view what changes were made to the zero trust keys in your company.

On the Manage zero trust page, click View history above your active keys.

The history page gives you the details of all the changes that happened to your keys, which include:

  • Created - The user in the Key owner column created a recovery file
  • Requested - a user requested a new key
  • Approved - a key has been approved. The user whose key was approved is in the Key owner column.
  • Rejected - the requested key has been rejected
  • Revoked - an old key or recovery file has been revoked. This happens when the user requests a new key, changes the existing one, or another user manually revokes the key.
Things to consider:
  • The Key owner is the user who requests the action
  • The Actor is the user who makes the change
  • When a user requests a new key or changes an existing one, the old key is automatically revoked. You see the reason for revoking a key in the Action column. For manually revoked keys, there's no reason displayed.
Note: As an admin, you can view whether users of your organization have set up zero trust keys. See How do I view the zero trust status of users in GoTo Admin?
Article last updated: 18 April, 2023