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How do I Manage Endpoint Protection in GoTo Resolve?

Antivirus, or end-point protection, protects your devices against malicious software. You can run scans remotely and monitor your devices.

Tip: Can't see this feature? Check out our feature comparison.
  1. In the Console, go to the Devices > Endpoint protection page.
  2. Optional: If this is the first time you visit this page, select Enable end-point protection.
    This runs a quick scan on your devices to see what Antivirus software is installed on your devices.
  3. On the Endpoint protection page, hover over a device to see the following options:
    You have the following options:
    • Manage device - View real-time information of the device.
    • Create a ticket - Creates a Helpdesk ticket using the details of the device so that an admin can take the necessary steps.
    • Run a quick scan - Runs a quick antivirus scan on the device. Only available when there is no scan in progress.
    • Run a full scan - Runs a full antivirus scan on the device. Depending on the number of files on the device, running a full scan may take considerable time to finish. Only available when there is no scan in progress.
      Tip: When you have multiple devices, you can run a full scan on all your devices by clicking Run quick scan on all devices in the top-right corner of the page.
    • Update virus definitions - Checks the antivirus software of the device and updates its antivirus health in the Console accordingly.
    • See last scan report - Displays the result of the last quick or full scan.
    • Enable real time protection - Enables real-time protection on the device.
    • Enable firewall - Enables the default firewall on the device. Only available if a firewall is detected on the host.
    • Set up alerts - Create an alert policy. See How do I Set up Alerts in GoTo Resolve?
Article last updated: 13 November, 2023