How do I Attach Files to a Ticket in the Console?

    You can attach files either directly to a helpdesk ticket or as a comment.

    1. Sign in to the Console at
    2. Go to Helpdesk and select a ticket.
    3. Attach your files in one of the following ways:
      • Click Attach files to ticket and browse to a file on your computer to add files to the ticket.
      • Type your comment into the Comments field and then click Attach files to comment. Browse to a file on your computer to select it.

      • You can attach files with a maximum size of 5MB each and 20MB in total.
      • Executable and compressed files, such as .exe and .zip files cannot be attached.
      • You can only attach files to newly created tickets.
      • You can attach files to comments even after creating ticket.
      • To remove an attachment, hover over the file and click X in the top-right corner.

    4. Save your changes.

      Remember: Attachments are included in the email notification that is sent when a ticket is created.

    What can you do with attachments?

    • Click an image attachment to enlarge it.
    • While the image is enlarged, you can zoom in and out with the slider in the top navigation bar.
    • Click to download the attachment.
    • Click to rotate the attachment.
    • Remove an attachment by hovering over the file and clicking X in the top-right corner.