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How can I end processes remotely?

You can end processes running on a remote device from its Quick View panel.

Tip: Can't see this feature? Check out our feature comparison.
Important: The feature is available on Pro devices only.
  1. In the Console, go to the Devices page.
    Note: If you have multiple accounts select your organization in the top left corner next to the GoTo logo.
  2. Hover your mouse over a device from your pool and select View details on the right:
    Tip: Use the finder in the top left corner to search for a device by name, group or label.
  3. From the main dashboard scroll down to Processes.
  4. Check the box next to the process or process you want to end.

    Result: The End Process button is enabled displaying the number of processes you want to end.

  5. Click the End Process button to end the process(es) remotely.
  6. You must enter your zero trust signature key to proceed.
Article last updated: 24 May, 2023