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Organizer Features FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions on organizier features.

Do I have to be logged on to the website to schedule, conduct or control a call?

No. The organizer for a conference call does not have to log into the website to schedule, conduct or control a conference call. OpenVoice is a reservation-less conferencing service which provides each organizer with a fixed set of access numbers, a conference room ID and an organizer PIN for use at any time. The organizer can choose to manage a call by using phone commands or web controls.

However, there are benefits to using the organizer web app. These include - web controls for audio, hand-raising, usage reporting and web based scheduling to enhance the meeting management experience.

Can the organizer create a security PIN per meeting?

Yes, as an organizer you can secure your conference by setting a security code that participants must provide to enter the conference. Learn more on how to create a security PIN.

Is there a visual indicator on the web controls page that alerts the organizer which particular line or attendee is making noise?


Is there a roll call feature?

Yes. The organizers can ask participants to record their name while joining a conference. The system will announce the arrival and departure of each participant with the recorded name. You can turn this feature on by selecting the appropriate option under the Conference Management section in the Settings page

The organizer can hear a playback of all participants in attendance on a conference call by entering the phone command #3.

Can calls have an internal charge code assigned to them?

Yes. This preference feature can be enabled by your account manager. The charge code feature allows the organizer to input a number prior to the start of a meeting. This number will then appear along with the meetings associated with it on the Truth-In-Billing statement that is sent to your Accounts Payable contact at the end of billing cycle. The charge code feature allows companies to capture this data during a conference call and sort the billing data for chargeback purposes.

To set the Charge Code feature:

1. Log in to your OpenVoice account.

2. In the left navigation, click Settings.

3. On the Settings page, go to the Charge Code Billing section.

4. You can select Yes to enable the charge code capture. You can set a default charge code on the Settings page and use this for each call. You will have the option of overriding this default charge code when you start your conference call.
Note: Please remember that the charge code must be between 2-20 numeric digits long.

5. Click Save to apply the changes.

Can there be multiple organizers on a call?

Yes, multiple organizers can be logged into 1 conference call. However, only 1 conference room and organizer PIN can be used to join a conference.
Note: When multiple organizers connect to the meeting with the organizer conference room and PIN, those users will all appear on the online participant list as organizers.

What is Lecture Mode conferencing?

The Lecture Mode feature mutes all participants in the conference except the organizer(s). Most conference sound disturbances are caused by multiple participants speaking simultaneously or background noises in the conference. By using Lecture Mode, all participants except the host or organizer are muted, thus improving the sound quality of the conference. Learn more about Lecture Mode.

What is Hand-Raising?

The Hand Raising feature is enabled when a conference is in Lecture Mode and participants can't unmute themselves. Participants can activate Hand Raising by pressing *9 on their phone keypad. A yellow hand icon will appear on the organizer's Web Controls screen to alert them of the participant who would like to speak. Organizers can select Mute icon to unmute the participant's line.

What is the refresh rate on the web controls page?

The web controls page refreshes approximately every 10 seconds.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve my password?

Is there a way to turn off the Wait On-Hold music?

Yes. In the Settings page, under the Conference Management section, set the option Start conference only if organizer is the first participantto Yes. The meeting will be started when the organizer connects and the music will be turned off.

Is there a way to turn off the Entry/Exit beeps?

Yes. You can turn off entry/exit beeps by pressing # 1 on your phone during the conference call.

Can the conference call continue even after the organizer exits?

Yes. A conference can continue with other participants after the organizer exits. The organizer can set the number of minutes with a maximum limit of 60 minutes

To make this provision, you must select Yes for the option Allow participants to continue the conference when you disconnect in the Settings page, under Conference Management.