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Manage the Conference

    Organizers can use various features during the conference to manage it (hand raising, recording, locking a conference, etc.).

    Additional Access Numbers

    When an organizer account is created, your admin may have provisioned your account with a few of the dial-in access numbers.

    You can request additional access numbers for other countries by clicking on the additional international access numbers link at the bottom of the My Conferences page to see the list of available access numbers for your company's account. Based on this list, you can request your admin to provision additional access numbers for your conferences.

    Multiple Organizers

    Multiple organizers can be logged into a single conference call. However, only 1 conference room and organizer PIN can be used to join a conference.

    Organizers who log in as participants are listed as organizers on a conference call.

    Hand Raising

    The Hand Raising feature is enabled when a conference is in Lecture Mode with participants not being able to unmute themselves. Participants can activate Hand Raising by pressing on their telephone keypad. A yellow hand icon will appear on the organizer's Web Controls screen to alert them of the participant who would like to speak. Organizers can click on the mute icon to unmute the participant's line.

    Recording a Conference Call

    Organizers can record up to 4 hours of any conference. These recordings are stored in an .MP3 format for up to 365 days or 12 months. You can listen to the recording by clicking on the recording date in the Recordings page list.

    To read more about recording a conference call, click here.

    Drop a Participant

    Click the Drop icon on the Web Controlto dismiss or drop a participant from the conference from the Web Controls page.

    Lock a Conference

    To lock a conference call, click the Lock icon on the Web Controls page during a conference. Locking prevents any additional participants from joining the conference.