Share Conference Room for Android Users

OpenVoice app for Android users can now use the new "Share Conference Room" feature, which will allow organizers to share their conference room details.

To use the "Share Conference Room" feature, organizers can do the following:

1. Tap the Conference Information icon to view the conference details page.

Note: Organizer PIN is never shared. Its only shown in the conference details page for the organizer, which must be accessed by logging in with the organizer's credentials.

2. Tap Share more numbers to view additional countries and their associated numbers that you'd like to share.

3. To add additional numbers, tap to check the box next to each of your desired countries and numbers.

4. When finished, tap the Complete icon in the top navigation to save your selection.

5. To share your updated conference information, tap Share Conference Info.

6. When prompted, tap to select the app you want to use to share the conference information. Th selected app will launch with a pre-populated message (e.g., if you select Gmail, a pre-populated email address will launch within your Gmail app).

Note: If your desired app is not listed after selecting Share Conference Info, you must install your desired app from the Google Play Store, then select Share Conference Info again.


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