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Service Notification Email

Account admins can use email templates to introduce OpenVoice audio conference service to the organization.

Audience: Anyone who will receive access to the new OpenVoice services.

Directions: Update the < bracketed > fields and/or customize by adding your own specific details. Send via email, post on an intranet site, or add to any existing resource centers you may already have available.

---------- Begin Email ----------

To: OpenVoice Organizers
Subject: IMPORTANT: Our new audio conferencing service
I am happy to announce that we've selected OpenVoice as our new audio conferencing solution. 
Please look for a unique invitation email that will be sent on <ENTER DATE>, but I wanted to give you some quick information about what OpenVoice can do for us.
OpenVoice is reliable and easy to use. Some features to note:
  • Reservationless conferencing for up to 500 participants: Start a conference call anytime using your own conference room number and customizable PIN.
  • Easy scheduling: Schedule a call directly from Microsoft Outlook or from
  • Web Controls: You can still manage the calls from the phone, but Web Controls is much more simple and intuitive. Start and manage your conference calls online, including mute controls, call locking, recording and more.
  • Free recording and storage: Record your calls; they’ll be stored on the OpenVoice website for 12 months. You can download them at any time.
  • Online Reports: Get real-time access to minutes used and post-call conference details, including caller phone numbers.
These four links will make you a pro before the service is even rolled out.
Be on the lookout for your OpenVoice invitation as well as a schedule of training sessions.
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---------- End Email ----------