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How do I schedule a conference from Google Calendar?

Schedule and manage conferences directly from your Google Calendar.

  1. In Google Calendar, create a new appointment or meeting.
  2. Click on the new meeting block on the calendar and Edit event.
  3. In the meeting form, locate the OpenVoice application and select Add OpenVoice conference.
  4. If you are not logged into OpenVoice, you will be asked to log in. (See additional information on the log in options.)
  5. The Where will be updated with your default OpenVoice conference numbers. The Description field contains the default OpenVoice text that will be sent to invitees. Use the Add guests entry to add invitees.
  6. Click Save to send invites and close the meeting dialog.
    Note: The OpenVoice Google Calendar plugin cannot be re-enabled if you are using the new Google Calendar (beta). Our team is currently working on an updated version.