How do I change the billing contact for my account?

The billing contact (i.e., billing admin) on your account is a member of your organization (not a GoTo representative) that has special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the payment and billing information, and manage other account settings.

Note: Some billing contacts sign in to the Billing Center at to manage their OpenVoice billing info themselves. However, other billing contacts for larger accounts (referred to as "corporate" accounts) typically work with their dedicated GoTo representative (or by contacting Corporate Account Services) to manage their account on a different self-service site called the Corporate Billing Portal at

If your account uses the Billing Center to manage billing information, then to change the billing contact you must contact Customer Care using the contact options available at the bottom of this article.

However, note that both of the following conditions must apply in order for your request to be honored by Customer Care:

  • You must be able to verify the current credit card information that is listed for your account.
  • You must be the named credit card holder OR a listed account admin.