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Why does my computer experience low performance while in a meeting?

If you see a "Computer Overload" or a "Your computer is low on resources" warning, it means your computer is experiencing low bandwidth, central processing unit (CPU) issues, or the app is under a high resource.

"Computer overload" warning

GoTo Meeting prompts this warning if it recognizes that your CPU usage is 80% or higher. If you suspect that your computer is slowing down or lagging, review the troubleshooting tips below to improve your computer's performance.
Attention: If you don't notice any computer performance speed issues, you may not need to take any actions. In this case, select Ignore.
  • Select Turn off webcams - This will hide all webcams and/or stop sharing your own webcam during the session.
  • Select Troubleshooting tips - This will take you to our webcam FAQs.
  • Close out of other programs - Open Task Manager (Windows) or Utilities (Mac) and close any programs and tasks that you aren't actively using.
  • Change ChromaCam filters - If you are using ChromaCam, lower the blurriness level, switch to another background, or completely switch back to your standard camera.

"Free up system resources" warning

The GoTo app displays this warning when your system is running at maximum and slowing down your meeting.
  • Select Turn on efficiency mode to free up resources.
  • Select Turn off my camera to turn off your webcam if you are sharing.
  • Select Hide everyone to hide all cameras excluding your own.
Note: If these solutions are already disabled, they will not be accessible.