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What is the difference between cloud and local recordings?

GoTo Meeting offers you 2 options for session recordings. You can either have your recordings automatically saved online to your web account or stored locally to your computer.

The type of recording available in your account depends on what your account admin has enabled in the admin settings:

Cloud recording —
  • There's no need to convert or upload your file, the recording is automatically stored online in your web account after the session for you to manage as desired.
  • Webcams and audio are included in the recording by default.
Local recording —
  • The recording is saved locally to the starting organizer's computer as a .G2M file, but can be reverted into either of the following:
    • .MP4 (Windows and Mac) – This format can be played on most Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.
    • .WMV (Windows only) – This format can be played on all Windows devices as well as some Mac and mobile devices.
  • If you are using the classic meeting experience, you will need to manually convert those sessions using the Recording Manager and then upload them to your account before they can be managed and shared.