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Tips for Staying Secure Using GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting uses robust encryption mechanisms and protocols designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity for data that is transmitted between GoTo and users and stored within GoTo.

If you are an attendee joining someone else's meeting, you do not need a GoTo Meeting account. Visit and enter the meeting ID or room name to join the meeting.

What you can do for additional GoTo Meeting security:

These features are for organizers only.

  • Password protect your meetings. Require attendees to enter a meeting password when they join. For security reasons, GoTo Meeting does not send the password for you - you must include the password in the meeting invite or send it to attendees in other ways (email, chat, etc.). If you plan to record a password-protected meeting, it'll be saved locally to your computer even if you have cloud recording enabled. Learn more.
  • Lock your meeting once you're in session. To prevent unexpected attendees from joining your current session, lock your meeting. You'll be notified when an attendee attempts to join and can easily connect all waiting attendees to the meeting by unlocking. Learn more.
  • Dismiss attendees you don't recognize. If there is an unidentified attendee or a name you don't recognize, excuse them. They will immediately be removed from the session and notified. Learn more.
  • Give recording access to specific people. For full control over your recording, enter email addresses of those who can view your meeting recording. To view, those users will have to enter their email address and a 6-digit confirmation code. This can be done at an account level or per recording. Learn more.
  • Share specific content of your recording. Include and exclude specific content (video, transcription, notes, session info) in your shared meeting recording. Learn more.
  • Set an expiration date on your recording. For security purposes, your recording link expires after 7 days by default. Change the expiration date to expire after one day up to one year. Once expired, no one will be able to access the recording besides you (the organizer). Learn more.
  • Use a new meeting ID. For confidential meetings, schedule a one-time meeting rather than a recurring meeting room. This will generate a new meeting ID and dial-in audio information. Learn more.
  • Hide attendees. If you do not want attendees to know who else is in the meeting, hide the attendee list. Learn more.
  • View GoTo Meeting's security white paper. For more information on web conference security and data security, please review the security white paper.

What we're doing for your security:

  • Gathering cyber threat intel. Through partnerships including external intelligence communities, personal and professional sharing groups, and our own internal research, we're collecting Indicators of Compromise (IoC) which includes forensic data such as IP addresses, domains, hashes, etc. and pulling them into our threat intelligence platform.
  • Vetting and correlating Indicators of Compromise (IoC). We're vetting and deduplicating these indicators and pushing what's left into another layer of security controls for historical and real-time alerting and blocking.
  • Congregating and communicating response plans. GoTo has a global 24/7 Computer Security Incident Response Team (including a Threat Intelligence and Vulnerability Management Team) for investigations.
  • Updating customers. Through the GoTo Trust & Privacy Center, we're informing customers on the latest issues, updates, and product availability.