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Manage Recordings

Preview, delete, edit, or download your recordings in one simple place. This gives you all of the control you need to effectively manage your recordings before sharing them.

These features are available for online recordings only.
  1. Sign in to the GoToweb or desktop app.
  2. Select Meetings > Past and then enable the Recorded setting to filter recorded sessions.
    Note: If you don't see a recorded session, use the filter to view recordings for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 12 months.
  3. Find the desired entry and then select what you would like to do.
    Choices Steps
    Delete a recording
    1. Select Delete > Delete to confirm.
    Download a recording
    1. Select the Download icon.
    2. Choose a location on your computer to save the file, and then select Save to begin downloading the .MP4 file.
    Note: Sessions recorded locally should already be available on your computer.
    Change the expiration date
    1. Select the Sharing icon.
    2. Choose the desired expiration date.
    Note: By default, recording links expire after a year unless changed by an account admin.
    Share a recording
    Watch video
    1. Select the Sharing icon.
    2. Choose what you want included in the recording and then select Copy Link.
    3. Paste the link wherever you'd like to share it with attendees. You can also attach the downloaded recording anywhere.
    Note: If the fields are grayed out, check with your admin to see if sharing has been enabled. If an attendee can't view the recording, it's likely too long or has expired.
    Capture slides Detect Slides must be enabled in your settings beforehand.
    1. Select the Meeting Info icon to access and download the slidedeck PDF.
    2. Share as desired.
    Note: Slides are available after the recording has been processed and saved which may take some time.
    Charge for viewing a recording This feature is not available for Meetings. Check out our Training or Webinar products if this is desired.
    See available storage space There is no storage limit for recordings, but the GoTo Meeting team monitors storage consumption to make sure usage is within reason. If the GoTo Meeting team notices misuse of the service, they will email you.
    Remember: Your session history data (including the recording) is stored in your account for 365 days. If you need a recording available longer, we recommend downloading the file. If it is prior to the year mark and you cannot find your recording, check the expiration date setting above.
  4. Select Save after any changes.
  5. Optional: To change the type of recording you are using, select your profile icon and then Settings > Meeting > Content. In the Recordings section, select the location you want to store recordings, either locally in a designated folder or online.
    Note: The type of recording available on your account depends on what your account admin has enabled in the admin settings.
If you don't see your recording and you're recording locally, there are a few reasons that may have caused this. First, the recording might not have been converted yet. Convert the recording using a third-party converter (such as HandBrake) to view your recording. Second, the recording might have been mislocated. If you didn't change the default location, you should be able to find your recording in your Documents folder. View How do I find my recordings? to learn more about how your recording files are stored.