Tips for Staying Connected Using GoTo Meeting

    As cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread across the globe, more and more people are shifting to remote work. With the increased demand for GoTo Meeting, you may have experienced a lag in service or slowness joining your meetings. We want you to know we're working diligently to increase our capacity, monitor demand, enhance performance, and troubleshoot issues as quickly as we can to keep you connected during the busiest meeting times.

    What you can do right away to stay connected during peak meeting hours:

    • Vary your start times. To avoid online meeting rush hour, schedule meetings a few minutes before or past the hour.
    • Call in from your phone. To avoid slowdowns caused by third-party internet and phone providers, let GoTo Meeting call you or dial in using a toll-free number (must be enabled by the organizer).
    • Use the desktop app for Computer audio. For the best quality while connected with Computer audio, join from the desktop app rather than the web browser (Web App).
    • Share your dial-in information in invitations. So attendees can quickly connect to the session audio during a slowdown, include your dial-in info in your meeting invite.

    What we're doing to keep you connected:

    • Boosting audio & video capacity. We're significantly increasing capacity for audio, video, and other services seeing increased demand.
    • Boosting join capacity. We're significantly increasing join-services capacity so hosts (organizers) and attendees can join meetings quickly and easily.
    • Adjusting in real time. We're closely monitoring our global data centers and the public cloud and scaling as needed in real time.
    • Boosting network capacity. We're adding servers to our network and increasing capacity and scale from 25% to nearly 120%.
    • Updating customers. Through the GoTo Trust & Privacy Center, we're informing customers on the latest issues, updates, and product availability.