Remove a Meeting from Google Calendar Using Google Chrome Plug-In

For events in Google Calendar with GoToMeeting meetings, you can delete the meeting by either deleting the entire event, or by removing the GoToMeeting session from the event. In either case, the change automatically updates your GoToMeeting account.

The GoToMeeting Google Calendar plugins for Firefox and Safari are currently unavailable for download or use. We apologize for any inconvenience! You can try our plugin for Google Chrome instead, or continue scheduling your meetings directly from

1. In Google Calendar, you can click on the event in calendar view, and then click Delete. This deletes the event and scheduled GoToMeeting session.

2. Double click the event in calendar view to open the meeting you want to edit, or click once and select Edit event. Your meeting data displays.

3. Click the trash can icon to remove the GoToMeeting event, but keep the Google Calendar event.

4. Click Save to update the event.

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